Let Them Sell You to Grow Revenue with Ian Altman
Buckingham Asset Management, May 11, 2017
Speaker: Ian Altman
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Where is it?

Buckingham Asset Management
8182 Maryland Ave
Clayton,MO 63105

When is it?

May 11, 2017 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Who is invited?


Let your customers sell you to grow your revenue.  Join us in this afternoon session with Ian Altman as he helps you stand out from the competition.

In this session, discover how to:
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Engage your entire organization to grow revenue with integrity
  • Get on the same side with your clients as a trusted advisor
  • Define where to focus your activities to maximize revenue per invested dollar
  • Empower your team to more effectively handle pricing pressure
  • Create a fun, repeatable way to prepare for challenging interactions
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